Bird List


Here is a complete list of the birds recorded on the Brook Meadow site since year 2000.  Currently the list stands at 77 species, of which 12 have only been seen flying overhead.   We have also had two escaped birds.  About 25 birds breed regularly or occasionally on the Brook Meadow site, including the surrounding woodlands and streams. Three of these are regular migrant summer visitors, Whitethroat, Blackcap and Chiffchaff.

Blackbird  Common Resident Breeder
Blackcap Common Summer Breeder
Black-headed Gull Common Fly over
Blue Tit Common Resident Breeder
Bullfinch Occasional visitor
Buzzard Occasional visitor
Canada Goose Occasional Fly over
Carrion Crow Common Resident Breeder
Cetti’s Warbler Occasional visitor + breeder?
Chaffinch Common Resident Breeder
Chiffchaff Common Summer Breeder
Coal Tit Occasional visitor
Collared Dove Common Resident Breeder
Coot Occasional visitor
Cormorant Occasional visitor
Cuckoo Rare summer visitor
Dunnock Common Resident Breeder
Fieldfare Occasional winter visitor
Firecrest Occasional visitor
Goldcrest Resident Breeder ?
Goldfinch Resident Breeder
Great Black-backed Gull Occasional fly over
Great Tit Common Resident Breeder
Green Woodpecker Regular visitor
Greenfinch Common Resident Breeder
Grey Heron Regular visitor
Grey Wagtail Occasional visitor – Breeder?
Gt Spot Woodpecker Common Resident Breeder
Herring Gull Regular Fly over
House Martin Occasional fly over
House Sparrow Common Resident Breeder
Jackdaw Regular visitor
Jay Occasional visitor
Kestrel Common visitor – breeder?
Kingfisher Regular winter visitor
Kookaburra Rare Escapee July 2018
Lesser Black-backed Gull Occasional fly over
Lesser Whitethroat Rare Summer visitor
Little Egret Regular visitor
Long-tailed Tit Common Resident Breeder
Magpie Common Resident Breeder
Mallard Common Resident Breeder
Meadow Pipit Rare visitor
Mediterranean Gull Regular Fly over
Mistle Thrush Occasional visitor
Moorhen Resident Breeder – has bred
Mute Swan Occasional visitor
Nightingale Rare summer visitor
Nuthatch Resident Breeder
Pheasant Occasional visitor
Pied Wagtail Rare visitor
Red Kite Occasional fly over
Redwing Occasional winter visitor
Reed Warbler Occasional summer visitor
Robin Common Resident Breeder
Rook Occasional fly over
Sedge Warbler Rare summer visitor
Siberian Chiffchaff Rare visitor (Dec 2014 – Feb 2015)
Link to sightings and photos
Siskin Occasional visitor
Snipe Rare visitor
Song Thrush Common Resident Breeder
Sparrowhawk Regular visitor
Spotted Flycatcher Rare summer visitor
Starling Common Resident Breeder
Stock Dove Common Resident Breeder
Stonechat Rare visitor
Swallow Occasional fly over
Swift Occasional fly over
Treecreeper Occasional Breeder
Turtle Dove Rare summer visitor
Water Rail Regular winter visitor
Whimbrel Rare fly over
White-faced Whistling Duck Rare Escapee
Whitethroat Common Summer Breeder
Willow Warbler Occasional summer visitor
Woodpigeon Common Resident Breeder
Wren Common Breeder

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