Plants (2020)

Here are lists of wild plants that have been identified on the Brook Meadow site in 2020. The Brook Meadow site also includes copses and waterways, as well as the main grassland. Many plants are not found on the meadow every year, so the lists will change slightly from one year to the next.The plants are classified into conventional groups as herbs (with no woody stem), trees and shrubs (with woody stem), grasses, sedges, rushes, horsetails, ferns, mosses and liverworts. The names of the plants are as in Francis Rose’s books: “The Wild Flower Key” and “Grasses, Sedges, Rushes and Ferns”

Plant lists for 2020
Here are the plants recorded in the year 2020 . . .  Please note the lists are only updated once a year at the end of the growing season.  This list does not include new plants recorded in 2021.
Totals: Herbs 131  Trees and Shrubs 59  Grasses 26  Sedges 13  Rushes 4
Horsetails 1  Ferns 3 Bryophytes 23

Herbs 2020

Trees and Shrubs 2020

Grasses 2020

Sedges, Rushes, etc 2020

x Bryophytes

x Plants not found in 2020

Over the years many people have helped to identify plants on the meadow, including Ralph Hollins, Gwynne Johnson and Pete Selby, sadly the latter two are now deceased. Rod Stern was responsible for the list of bryophytes – plus one from John Norton.  We are also very grateful to Martin Rand, the BSBI Recorder for South Hants for his help in surveying the plants on Brook Meadow and for answering queries and for checking the plant list.  I would also like to acknowledge the help of botanists Eric Clements and John Norton who have visited the meadow and Joel Miller of the Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre who did a survey in September 2006.
More recently, I have been helped by several of the conservation group volunteers including Dan Mortimer, Maurice Lillie and Colin Brotherston.  I hope to get more involved.

Meadow indicators currently recorded on Brook Meadow are . . .
Smooth Brome – Festulolium Hybrids – Distant Sedge – Hoary Ragwort – Pepper-saxifrage – Stone Parsley – Strawberry Clover.
Meadow indicators not seen for some years: Meadow Barley – Marsh Arrowgrass.

Here’s a useful link to a list of 600+ British wildflowers along with their scientific names.

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