Brook Meadow Conservation Group newsletters  are published every 3 months in PDF format.  They cover both conservation work and wildlife news and are prepared by Colin Brotherston, one of our volunteers. These newsletters replaced the fortnightly newsletters  that Brian Fellows used to send out by e-mail until 2017.
You might wish to print each one for easier reading.

Newsletter no-100 Jul-Sep 2020

Newsletter no-99 Apr-Jun 2020

Newsletter no-98 Jan-Mar 2020

Newsletter no-97 Oct-Dec 2019

Newsletter no-96 June-Sept 2019

Newsletter no-95 Apr-June-2019

Newsletter no-94 Jan-Mar-2019

Newsletter no-93 Oct-Dec 2018

Newsletter no-92 Jul-Sep 2018

Newsletter no-91 Apr-Jun 2018

Newsletter no-90 Jan-Mar 2018

Newsletter no-89 Oct-Dec 2017

Newsletter no-88 Jul-Sep 2017

Newsletter no-87 Apr-Jun 2017

Newsletter no-86 Jan-Mar-2017

Newsletter no-85 Oct-Dec 2016

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