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Formation of the Brook Meadow Conservation Group in Year 2000

Notes of the First General Meeting held on 24th August 2000
The meeting was convened at 13 The Rookery and present were all members who had expressed an interest in seeking to restore Brook Meadow.
Also represented were:-
Alison Angel – British Trust for Conservation Volunteers
Debbie Miller – Hampshire County Council
David Sawyer – Havant Borough Council

Brian Fellows – welcomed all present and opened the meeting.

Alison Angell on behalf of BTCV outlined the activities that would be necessary to formally   ….establish the Brook Meadow Conservation Group:-
…establish a formal constitution and Committee to act for the group,
…establish self help programmes to reinstate the site
…sources of possible funding
…support and affiliation with BTCV

David Sawyer On behalf of Havant Borough Council stressed that the Borough’s finances were stretched but that some funding could be available. Eg, Seat Picnic Table
He emphasized that the Borough would only agree and support organizations, which were appropriately insured including public indemnity, he stressed the need for the group to consider affiliation to BTCV.

Debbie Miller on behalf of Hants County Council explained the work of Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation, (SINC), and stated that despite the general deterioration of the site there was much to commend it. She stated that again grants could be obtained from a number of sources. E.g. Landfill tax for a power scythe

General discussion arose regarding the level of commitment that group members would need to give, support and training available, and the nature of the on-going activity that the group would need to undertake. In general the Group felt that Brook Meadow offered a significant challenge and there was unanimous support for its restoration.

Discussion arose regarding the initial work that would be required and it was stressed that a radical first cut intervention was necessary. Debate regarding the best approach and sources of possible support took place.

It was agreed to establish a Committee as follows:-
Brian Fellows – Chairman
Frances Brettell – Treasurer
Richard Bishop – Secretary
Ted Aylett & Sue Pike –   PR & Distribution
Elizabeth Kinloch – Committee Member
Tony Wilkinson   – Committee Member

The date for the inaugural meeting of the Committee was set for 29.8.00 @ 1900 hrs at 13 The Rookery  The date for the first work day was agreed for Monday 4 Sep 2000 @10am.
The meeting closed at 2100 hrs.

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