AGM 2021

Annual General Meeting – 12 November 2021
The AGM of the Brook Meadow Conservation Group was held on Friday 12th November at St James Church Hall, Emsworth.   The meeting started at 7.00 pm and finished at 9pm. There was a very good attendance of 42 people – our best ever AGM attendance!   Some were non-members who subsequently joined.

Pam kept a record of attendees and new members while Terry looked after sales.

The audience settled down
and studied the Agenda
Chairman Colin got the show started
The business section started with the Chairman’s Report from Colin Brotherston which was followed by the Treasurer’s Report and Accounts from Pam Phillips.
See the following link for these reports. . .  AGM 2021 Reports

Officers were reappointed for the year 2021-22. As Maurice Lillie retired from the committee after long service he was presented with a Life Membership of the Conservation Group and a card created by Kathy with messages of appreciation of his work for the group. He also received a large bottle of his favourite wine!

In return Maurice presented the group with a new shovel.
Juliette Webb was elected a member of the management committee although she was unable to be present.   The rest of committee remained the same.

Break for refreshments and chat
Coffee, tea and biscuits were served by Tricia, Kathy and David

Many took the opportunity to examine the display boards

including recent pictures from the trail cameras on the Lumley stream
Dan was pleased to show his special Brook Meadow Flora Handbook complete with samples of flowers and grasses.

Sally was one interested person

Meanwhile others just enjoyed meeting people and chatting

Secretary Debbie was kept busy writing the minutes

Colin enjoying the break with Patsy

Guest speaker
After the refreshments break there was a talk by guest speaker Sarah Hughes, Strategic Wildlife Corridors Project Officer, Environment, Chichester District Council entitled “Proposed Strategic Wildlife Corridors”.

This gave a brief overview of all the Strategic Wildlife Corridors in the south and why they are important with a more in-depth overview on the Hermitage to Westbourne Corridor. In view of plans for extensive residential development between Havant and Chichester these corridors have important wildlife and recreational value.
Sarah also outlined her findings from the Water Vole survey on 22 October 2021 from which she concluded the that Brook Meadow still has a very healthy population of Water Voles. The talk was received with much interest and enthusiasm from the audience. Finally, Colin Brotherston presented Sarah with a bouquet of flowers in appreciation of her talk.

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