Brook Meadow is a lovely wet meadow in Emsworth, a small town in the south east corner of Hampshire in the UK.  It consists of 5 acres of grassland, surrounded by woodlands and flanked by two streams. It is full of birds, insects and wild flowers and has two attractive interpretation boards with original artwork from a local wildlife artist, plus four signcases with news and photos. Brook Meadow is designated as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation and is also a Local Nature Reserve.  It has been managed by the Brook Meadow Conservation Group since Year 2000 on behalf of the owners, Havant Borough Council.
Documents show that Brook Meadow has been a water meadow since the middle of the 19th century.  There is a commemorative plaque on the north bridge for two airmen who lost their lives when their plane crashed on brook Meadow in 1944
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It refreshes the senses and uplifts the spirits.
What more could you ask?

Here is a group of volunteers assembled for one of the regular work sessions.

The Brook Meadow Conservation Group was formed in September 2000 by local residents to help restore, protect and conserve the natural environment of Brook Meadow and its wildlife for the benefit and quiet enjoyment of the people of Emsworth. Since then, Brook Meadow has become a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation because of its important wildlife and in 2008 was designated as a Local Nature Reserve. Havant Borough Council who own the site, have pledged their full support for the conservation project.
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Main Contacts
Jennifer Rye (Chairman) Tel: 01243 376926  E-mail:
Pam Phillips (Membership Secretary and Treasurer) Tel: 01243 377791 E-mail:
Brian Fellows (Web site editor) Tel: 01243 375548.  E-mail:

Volunteer Work Sessions
Conservation work sessions on Brook Meadow take place from 10am to 12 noon on the 1st Sunday and the 3rd Thursday of each month throughout the year. Everyone is welcome and tools are provided. We meet at the new tool store HQ at the end of Seagull Lane. Safety for all volunteers is a priority and risk assessments by trained members are given at each session. There is a break when refreshments are served.
The main tasks include cutting and clearing of the grassland and scrub, removing broken tree branches and keeping pedestrian paths open and clear of obstacles. Clearing litter is a priority. Children and students from local schools and colleges are welcome to join in for work experience.
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Newsletters in PDF format are published every 3 months.  They cover both conservation work and wildlife news and are are prepared by Colin Brotherston, who is one of our volunteers.  These newsletters replace the fortnightly newsletters  that Brian Fellows used to send out by e-mail until last year. Follow link to newsletters.

The group AGM was held at St James Church Hall, Emsworth on Friday 17th November.
Jennifer Rye presented her Chairman’s report, Pam Phillips the Treasurer’s report.
Brian Fellows reviewed the main wildlife news over the past year with photos.
Following  refreshments a talk entitled ‘Ancient Forests’ was given by Hugh Milner, Chairman of the National Limewood Working Group.
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